Welcome to the registration page of Kozakov challenge 2022

This year we want to offer you once more unforgettable memories of one of the best roads to ride, over the world! Registration is fully optional. You want to freeride the weekend before? Possible! Monday and/or Tuesday freeride? Possible! Not interested to race, just want to freeride and chill during race days? Possible!

Even more, we want to offer you more merchandise than usual in previous years. Every rider can order more t-shirts, towels, patches with velcro. Merch tent will be on site of course. We are doing our best to bring on the hill barber, tattoo, skate ramp… Basically to put things where it finished before COVID.

With this we are playing open cards with you. We can manage the game, if you will participate fast. We know, that we can make the race, if at least 180 riders will show up. Let’s make a deadline for it 01.06.2022.

At that time we will have to start to pay all the invoices, to make it happend. So please don’t hesitate, hype your friends and register asap!

See you all on the hill!